Independant Contractor?

So I got a rather insistant message from a secret shopper company that I work for on occasion. Saying that they need some shops to be completed. They don’t seem to want to increase the base pay for it (though there is a bonus of +2 after 10 shops are completed). So now I have shops scheduled Today, Monday, Tuesday, and Friday for a total of 15 shops. Here is the breakdown

Day of the weekNumber AssignedRough Area
Sunday (8/13)4Aurora
Monday (8/14)4DIA
Tuesday (8/15)2Boulder
Friday (8/18)5S Denver

I guess what makes me laugh was the insistance upon it. Like I was their employee or something. Maybe I’m the only one in the city actually doing it. I dunno.

I get nothing for this, but if you’d like to do a few, here is where you can sign up:

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